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Two Strangers, a Bowtie, and a Whole Lot of Love! Love South Africans!

It’s stories like these that remind us who we really are, and who we need to be. Stronger Together. United as one!

Centurion, South Africa (12 February 2020) – This is OUR South Africa… the real one that politicians don’t want you to see.

Karabo John Moa shared this story a while back, but we thought it would be perfect to share it again, especially because it’s Valentine’s week! Karabo was shopping at Centurion Mall – looking for a Valentine’s gift for his mom – when he bumped into this ‘Wonderful Oumie’.

“He greeted me and complimented me on my look and asked me where I bought my bowtie from because he was looking for a black bowtie to match his shirt for Valentines. He was planning on taking his lovely wife for a special dinner.”

He was so touched that an 89-year-old gent wanted to still look ‘G’ for his wife… so he smiled while thinking to himself this could possibly be this great gentlemen’s last Valentines.

He looked him in the eyes and said: “Oum, I highly doubt that you will find a bowtie like this around here”… and then took off his and said, “Here sir you can gladly have this one.”

He looked at Karabo with sad eyes and said “No man you can’t do that, let me pay you for it”, and I said “No sir, I want you to look classic on Valentines! Take it as a blessing from me to you.”

He took it and started crying.

Karabo couldn’t help it but also got emotional… he looked into his eyes and said “Son in 10 minutes with your kindness, you have managed to give me a totally different perspective of black people. I wish I bumped into you earlier in my life. Thank you, son, I’m 89 and today you inspired me to be a better person and love my neighbour as I love myself.” 

At the time Karabo was also tearing up seeing this gentleman get so emotional… so he said: “Thank you, sir, you inspired me more than you can imagine. Because of you, I believe in true love.”

They hugged each other, in the middle of Centurion Mall and then the ‘Wonderful Oumie’ asked if they could take a picture as he wanted to show his wife where he got the bowtie from for Valentines.

“I honestly thank God for blessing me with such an opportunity to bless others and also to be touched and inspired by such a wonderful and loving Soul!” 

It’s stories like these that remind us who we really are, and who we need to be.

Stronger Together. United as one.

We rise by lifting others, so let’s help each other rise!

Sources: Karabo John Moa

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