Kajas Jewellery Studio

Kajas Jewellery Studio | Matlosana Mall

Kajas Jewellery Studio specializes in the manufacture, design, import and repair of all jewellery, offering excellent craftsmanship and quality materials. At Kajas Jewellery Studio we strive to make your dream a reality, aiming to be the best and offer you personalised service. Visit our shop and browse through our wide variety of handcrafted and imported jewellery, select the perfect gift for someone special, an engagement ring for your partner or just something to spoil yourself. Alternatively, let our in-house design team assist you in designing your own unique creation."

  • Ground Level - Shop 18
  • 062 704 1995
  • Monday - Friday: 09am - 18:00pm
    Saturday: 09am - 17:00pm
    Sunday 09:00am - 15:00pm


We sell fashion accessories - modern and traditional. We make customised jewellery on request

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