3rd Mar 2020 0 Comments

Centurion Mall’s Community Clean-up and Safety Initiative

Working towards a cleaner environment for our children

We at Centurion Mall recently started a community clean up, to be held regularly, to ensure the well-being of our surroundings and our customers. We want our broader environment to be healthy and to do that, we are now actively contributing towards keeping it clean and safe.

Did you know that a fresh and tidy environment can have a huge impact on your happiness? We want to radiate this positivity throughout our community. The change begins with us.

We are particularly concerned with ensuring peoples’ safety. To keep our community safe, we are increasing our security visibility. We are stationing our security guards strategically around our broader environment. Between 6am and 6pm, please feel free to approach them for directions to our mall and for any other assistance.

For the cleaning upside of things, we are going to be doing regular clean-ups and making sure our walkways are well maintained and free of rubble. Everyone is invited to take part in this initiative. Here are some small things which you can do in order to make a difference:

– Challenge yourself to pick up at least one piece of litter every day
– Teach your children to throw away their rubbish
– Keep a litter bag in your car to keep your snack wrappers in one place
– Encourage your children to reduce and recycle
– Join your local clean-ups
– Plant more plants!
– Speak to your business about organised clean-ups and recycling bins
– Keep your own rubbish segregated to help recycle
– Put your food waste into a compost pile
– Educate yourself on the impact of littering and ways in which you can make small lifestyle changes

Support us in working towards a cleaner environment for our community. We will see the biggest difference if you and local businesses take part in keeping our community spic and span and healthy.